JustGiving audience

Aged 25-34


JustGiving is the UK largest platform for online giving. They have helped people in 164 countries raise over $4.5 billion for good causes since founded in 2001.

At JustGiving I was working in a team of 8 Designers and 2 UX researchers. During my time at JustGiving I was leading various projects from a UXD perspective. Some of those projects were GDPR, GDPR Recapture, IAM (signup/log in across the whole product) and Powered by. Below are 3 of the most interesting projects I have worked on.

Tip Jar

Tip Jar Discovery

JustGiving is all about transparency when it comes to the fees that they have. I was in charge, from a UXD perspective, of testing the concept of tipping as an alternative to the platform fees that were already in place.

JustGiving has a history of the media attacking their 5% platform fee. And as competitors such as Facebook and GoFundme moved to a 0% fee for their crowdfunders. We needed to act fast.


Before going into the project we had the discovery kickoff meeting that was a great chance for me to understand the scope of the project. The main problem I was trying to solve is that users do not usually tip online. How do I create an experience where tipping feels natural and intuitive.

After understanding well the problem that we were trying to fix I went to research on the topic of Tipping. In the meantime UX Designer Leti Ghisletta helped me with research on our competitors in the US on how they present tipping options on their checkout flows. Detailing the findings we had a meeting with key stakeholders on our findings.


With research fresh in my mind I set out to create the possible ways we would go about to create this tipping experience. I first created the journey map of the checkout flow and after that 4 wireframe journeys that I presented to the design team. We then set out to choose 2 designs that I would go and present to the stakeholders. We tried to focus on how can we best understand the appetite for tipping in the UK.

Having decided uppon the 2 journeys to go with I went and presented a more polished version to stakeholders. And the next step would be user testing.

User Testing

I created the journeys in atomic.io. What atomic offers is an almost finished like product because with only a bit of css and js I could create the tip in real time by taking the percentage from the sum. The user testing had as main priority understanding, of any functionality problems the journeys may have and if users would understand the concept of tipping

The JustGiving design team has dedicated user researchers which is great. Working closely with Louise Macaulai, the lead UX Researcher I helped her write the scripts for the user interviews. We had 6 users in to test the variants and alternate the 2 journey to limit any leaning biases that users may have. Tests came out with some great results.

More testing

The user testing was good to validate the ideas and rule out any functionality flaws. Users had a basic understanding of tipping but what interviews did not show us is the take rate on these pages. Would the donation amount go down overall? Would the tip be enough to get us to a stage where JustGiving crowdfunding would get rid of the platfom fee?

The next step was to start a quantitative test to understand the feasability of the whole project. Several crowdfunding pages were selected for this test. The users would go trough the normal flow but no tip or fee would be charged.

Checkout Journeys

And the winner is

After 2 weeks of testing and over 1200 journeys completed by our users, the result came in. The version that asked for a tip on the donation amount page got a better overall result. The plan was to go forward with the idea and implement it for real in the crowdfunding donation journey.

With this in mind I have set out to create a testing plan that I shared with the data team. Working close with the devs, pms and data team we have decided to run a real version of this test where we can proove to the CFO that this project can stay on its own 2 feet. I set out to create a visual representation of what we would test from a UXD perspective in the following weeks.

See here the test plan I created for the quantitative testing

Charity Dashboard redesign

A charity can have an account on JustGiving and can create Campaigns with a variety of features for its Fundraisers. This project was derved from Powered By (charity whitelabel pages on JG) and it had a small scope. A proper discovery was needed to understand where we can make changes to the IA and design to increase usability for our charity users. As the charity dashboard is several design iterations behind there was a need for the refresh of the dashboard. The below designs I've created to convince product to go for a full discovery and to try to push the project on the Roadmap.

Old Dashboard

Information Architecture

Page creation hack

One page creation hack

JustGiving has regular hacks that take 2 days to complete. I have worked within a team on 1 Backend Developer, 1 User Researcher, 2 Front end Devs and me the Product Designer. The task that we came up with was to redesign the user onboarding on JustGiving. JustGiving has 2 destinct products, the fundraiser onboarding journey and the crowdfunding onboarding journey. Users would have to choose between one or the other but the difference between them is poorly understood.

We teamed up, gathered user research and hacked a new journey that would work in both instances. This hack would save the company money, provide a greater experience and mitigate the risk of users ending up in the wrong bucket. In two days we created a albeit buggy product but that worked. This project won the peoples vote. Below its the prototype.